24 May

Timeless Principles

Timeless Principles Are Like A Compass.

Abraham Lincoln said, “important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” In other words, they are timeless. Like a compass, these principles lead us in the right direction. I recently started reading Stephen Covey’s book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” To quote are quotable president, “it’s a really, really great book”. One point from the book that has resonated with me is Covey’s identification of the problem with a lot of personal management advice—most advice focuses on simple, quick-fix solutions.

24 Feb

Don’t Procrastinate Your Will.

A Visit to the ICU.

Two days ago I was visiting a friend in the ICU. He’s my age (in his early 30s), was in relatively good shape, yet there he lay in a hospital bed, strapped to all sorts of monitors. Fortunately for him, his wife had found him before it was too late. Now I won’t go into detail about him or what happened, but it was a serious wake-up call. I asked him if he had a will or anything planned for if he passed away. He didn’t and I suspect most of us are just like him. We procrastinate because we don’t think “it” whatever “it” is will ever happen to us or at least not for a long time.

20 Jan

A New Chapter in America.

I’m sitting in my office watching the inauguration of Donald Trump. I, like a lot of you, didn’t see this coming. Full disclosure, I didn’t vote for either of the front runners. However, despite all the animosity of an election year, I am pleased to see the peaceful transition of power in our amazing country. I’ve lived overseas and traveled a bit and I can honestly say this is the greatest country on earth (in my humble opinion).


1 Dec

You’re Sitting in Our Pew…and We Have an Easement!

That’s our pew!

I was sitting in church with my family a couple months back and my phone began to vibrate. I don’t usually check my phone during a service, but I glanced down and saw the message. “Hey Jim, you are sitting in our row.” I turned around to see Brother Smith (name changed) glaring at me in jest.

19 Nov

Elk Fever…it’s a Real Thing!

Elk Fever

Every fall hunters around the country get excited for the awesome privilege of participating in the great adventure of hunting. I used to get excited about the football season approaching, but I’ve probably only watched one complete game all year. The reason (or main reason)…ELK FEVER.

8 Nov

A Handshake is Good Enough for Me…

Handshake deals?

Can a handshake deal be enforceable? Sure. So can a spoken (oral) agreement when the terms are clear. We enter into countless oral agreements every day and we don’t even think twice about it. When you see that item at a garage sale that you can’t live without you might make an offer to the owner. Have you ever asked, “will you take $10 for this?” You just made an offer. And, when the owner says, “sure,” the deal is done—offer and acceptance.

1 Nov

Grateful to be Living in the Great State of Montana.

Choosing to be Grateful

Last night I started blogging (my first blog post) about how grateful I am to be in the state of Montana with my wife and three children. It seems that the more grateful you are the more you find to be grateful for. I don’t know if that makes total sense, but the more grateful I am in my attitude, despite the challenges I face at work, raising a family, or in the world around me, the more likely I am to be happy. Dieter Uchtdorf has said: