$200 – Will Package

Professional Will Packages Starting at $200

Myth: If I do a will, I might die.

Truth: You are going to die…so do a will.

– Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover.


Have you been putting off getting a will for too long? Perhaps you have one, but it is no longer relevant because of changes in your life.


Each Will Package includes the following documents:

  • Last Will and Testament, details how you would like to leave property to those you love
  • Living Will (Advance Healthcare Directive), describes your health care wishes should you be unable to communicate
  • Power of Attorney, specifies who should handle your finances if you become incapacitated



$200 covers up to two hours of work on your will package. Most simple wills do not take more than two hours. For complicated wills that take longer an hourly rate of $200 is charged after the initial two hours.


How can I affordably plan my estate?

Come prepared. Obviously, when people choose an attorney over an online legal form it is because they are seeking not only a piece of paper but peace of mind also. An attorney can help you make the right decisions regarding your estate.


The basic purpose of a will is to tell the court (after you die) who is in charge and where you want your “stuff” to go. The second main purpose is to save your family strife and wasted time.

Please use our Questionnaire to help you prepare and think about some common issues before you come into the office.