Don’t Procrastinate Your Will.

A Visit to the ICU.

Two days ago I was visiting a friend in the ICU. He’s my age (in his early 30s), was in relatively good shape, yet there he lay in a hospital bed, strapped to all sorts of monitors. Fortunately for him, his wife had found him before it was too late. Now I won’t go into detail about him or what happened, but it was a serious wake-up call. I asked him if he had a will or anything planned for if he passed away. He didn’t and I suspect most of us are just like him. We procrastinate because we don’t think “it” whatever “it” is will ever happen to us or at least not for a long time.


I had a client who didn’t want to get a will because in his mind it meant he was giving up awas ready to die. He was getting up there in years and had serious health issues so I found it a little odd. But I sort of understand, nobody wants to think about dying, and when we die it isn’t our problem anymore (it’s everyone else’s). Now it’s not nice to leave our problems and baggage for others to deal with when we die, but depending on your family maybe it’s worth it to you (might give you a good chuckle on the other side).


Why Get a Will?


When people ask me why a will is a good thing, I typically tell them there are two main reasons to have a will. ONE, it identifies who is in charge, and, TWO, it explains where you want your stuff to go (or not go). Now if you die without a will it is called intestate. In those situations, the state (where your property is located) determines who is in charge and how things should be divided…and for a lot of people this works out okay and the property (both real and personal) generally go where it belongs. But, if you’re like me, you want a little more control and say in the process. Also, if you have children, you want to make sure they are taken care of both financially, spiritually, and emotionally (and in other ways I can’t think of off the top of my head).


Remember this? Yeah, I applied for life insurance the next week.

In life the only thing that is constant is change…and whether we’re prepared or not that old friend Murphy seems to show up at the worst time. Now back to my friend in the ICU. He has small children and a wonderful wife, and, fortunately for him, he is going to be okay, but he really needs to get something put together. A plan. A will. Life insurance (all that good stuff). I told him the other day, that God must be looking out for him and he’s obviously been given another chance. We don’t know what the future holds, but, at least, we can prepare for our loved ones.


Thanks for reading.